Welcome to our Fee- Based Edventure Before & After School Program

The philosophy of the Edventure Before & After School Program is to provide safe, educational and affordable before and after school learning opportunities for all children. The program is specifically designed to meet the age-appropriate needs and interests of school age children and their families delivered in a positive environment of safety, support, and care.

Weekly and daily curriculum activities are designed and chosen to reinforce what your child is already learning in school. Our staff will support your children with their studies and homework while giving kids time to be kids. We will always work to provide a balance of staff-led and kid-led growth opportunities for your child.

We look forward to meeting you and extending a personal invitation to your child for a school year full of fun and friendships! Thank you for choosing us!


The Director and Staff of the Edventure Before & After School Program


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2024-25 Edventure Handbook



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